Thursday, 30 August 2012

So a clear out, 15mm WW2, U.S and German late war,
American figure wise there is about enough for two or three 1:1 combat companies including engineers, some have been under coated in black, and German there is one company painted as panzer grenediers, basic field grey and camo smocks,  also a large excess which may probably make best part of a second. Also includes combat engineers.  Amounts to best part of 500 (havn't counted em yet) figures of various manufacturers.

Vehicles are as follows

 3x panther
3x Pz IIIM
3x stug IIIG
1x sdkfz 7
1x Bergepanzer IV
1x 88mm Flak
2x flak 38 2cm quad
2x nebelwerfer
2x schwimmwagen
2x kubelwagen
2x opel blitz office bodies
2x sdkfz 10
1x sdkfz 10/4
1x 234/2 puma
2x 234/3 short 75mm L24 short
2x sdkfz 251/2 81mm mortar
1x sdkfz 16 flammenwerfer
1x sdkfz 251/1
1x sdkfz 251/3 command
1x sdkfz 251/9 75mm L24 short
2x pak 40 75mm AT guns
1x opel maultier

X40 german vehicles

9x  2.5t GMC truck
10x M4 half track
4x  jeep
3x sherman
1x M20 A/C command car
1x White scout car
1x M16 anti aircraft
2x M4 half track 81mm mortar
3x 57mm Anti tank guns

x34 US vehicles

 so there ya go any questions just drop me a line. Open to offers very much around £350. Would be nice to see the collection go to a good home and be used. The proceeds of course will be used to fund other projects of which there are many!!!!

Based in the Midlands, UK

There may also be some scenery at some point, over 3 boxes of buildings :-/

After much thinking and perusing of all things shiney a decision has been reached!!! 10mm for my WW2 wins! Its a space, cost thing....... that and Pendrakens figures are very nice! so lots of things for sale shortly this can then be turned about and re-invested.

The Napoleonics I have in 6mm are also floating my boat at the moment, I guess its down to finally getting some painted, a great motivator........

anyhow some pics...

51st light infantry, The west riding

slightly better angle
Those damned Fr......

Far too many guns!

Currently I have a box of warlord plastic Romans on the go, just the one box to see what they are like, good is my overall opinion, but I think 6mm will win over as it will for 7YW, AWI, ACW etc 28mm is just too large for the level of massed ranks I like.

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Its been a few days since posting, work and ill health take their tolls. But with that said there has been a little movement on the painting front, not a lot but a little, this comprised of completing the red jackets on my 6mm naps, no mean feat. An then to find that I had based em for painting with centre and flank companies intermingled DOH! that will teach me to be more observant....

After much faffing I started on the light battalion which I chose to paint as the 51st West Riding, you can just pick em out with the black shakos.

So they are progressing nicely!

I dug out my 6mm dirtside sci fi, these are GZG Kravak and NSL, am considering using them with stargrunt as 25mm is too large for my tastes, a well positioned squad and the table is locked, hopefully scaling down might enable a more grand tactical game....we shall see.

Now I am still scratching my head as to which scale for WW2..........

What has thrown me is the appearance of Clockwork Goblin, 15mm wierd WW2, German and U.S power armour, combined with Zombies and walkers, now I have been lucky enough to see the masters in the flesh (dont ask!) and they look so much nicer in the flesh so to speak than the 3D cads posted on their site......

I have a good collection of WW2 in 15mm, German an U.S. including scenery, its just seen much better days and has been skimmed and sold off. So needs repainting and gaps filled and other areas expanded.

15mm, huge amounts of Yanks in the lower boxes.

10mm stuff, paints up nice!
My 10mm from Pendraken is rather lovely!!!! nice scale and great for 1:1 combat level with the Panzermarsch ruleset, not to mention full of character, BUT I only have German forces at present.

Still have some stuff to dig out and drop into the painting lists .......... TBC

Sunday, 5 August 2012

SHE IS A TART! or OOOOoooooo a gurl!

The first of my Malifaux outcasts, Ophelia! and possibly my first female figure! also my first green skin!

So I have a beginning to my crew only fitting its the crew leader, with that said the Some'er Jones box is a calling so she will make for a good hench gurl.

The base I am leaving until all of the crew are finished, that way I can tie them altogether as one cohesive looking unit.

Anyhow onto some pics

And so onto the next......

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Work in progress

Right starting to find my way around, free time is limited so its a balancing act between bench time or pooter time, bench time is more fun and interesting, but pooter usually wins over and sucks the life away.

So a few pikkies to start, a bench mark point I guess to track progress, and maintain momentum.

My Malifaux crew to start, spending some time on these guys ( by my standards anyhow) yes they are fancy and yes they may be awkward on the table but its my choice hehe.

Next up and running under the brush at the same time are my British Napoleonic's, Peninsular. One infantry division minus artillery, bit by bit and they should soon be done.

So there we go,  now to keep track of progress.

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

I guess an intro

So after many unsuccessful starts at re igniting my wargaming projects I thought this may be a good avenue to try.
 The theory being I can keep in touch with like minded gamers and share idea's, enthusiasms etc

So projects at present

Napoleonic naval
Napoleonic 6mm
Napoleonic 28mm skirmish
WW2 10mm and 15mm need to decide on a direction???!!!!!
Sci -fi 25mm and 6mm, looking to trade my 25's and pick up some 15's

And that is it for the moment......

Also quite a lot of scale modelling, 1/72 and 1/35th usually immensely complex builds, that absorb far too much time........ I'm sure this will be interspersed betwix the figures.