Thursday, 2 August 2012

Work in progress

Right starting to find my way around, free time is limited so its a balancing act between bench time or pooter time, bench time is more fun and interesting, but pooter usually wins over and sucks the life away.

So a few pikkies to start, a bench mark point I guess to track progress, and maintain momentum.

My Malifaux crew to start, spending some time on these guys ( by my standards anyhow) yes they are fancy and yes they may be awkward on the table but its my choice hehe.

Next up and running under the brush at the same time are my British Napoleonic's, Peninsular. One infantry division minus artillery, bit by bit and they should soon be done.

So there we go,  now to keep track of progress.


  1. I'm first! Feel free to pop down to the 'Evesham' club, we meet in bishampton twice monthly on a Sunday evening. I can send you a link to our forum. Check my blog for malifaux and other goodness.

  2. Is that the club that meets at the store?

    Malifaux is/was supposed to just be a fun sideline, but the figures are just too much fun, I may end up with some more..........

  3. I have four painted crews, two guild and two rezzers all painted up :) played ACW tonight in an ongoing narrative campaign, another win for the Union.

    We meet at Bishampton village hall. Go to