Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Strong start

Well true to the plan I have started on my 15mm Sci Fi.

All GZG and NSL

I started the NAC about a year ago but the scheme didn't sit well and I lost motivation as I struggled to work out a colour palette, the hardest aspect with regards sci fi I find. With that in mind I looked at producing an earthy tone and went with British uniform brown, I will pick out the armour plates with a grey tone.

The NSL are primed and ready for the first coat, I think these will wear a blue grey tone.

And the vehicles for the NAC are underway, I sprayed these with my airbrush using some of the new paint from Ammo, designed and developed for scale models by Mig Jiminez, and very nice they are too, they have a satin sheen which will help with washes and weathering afterwards. (they look glossy due to the flash)

So that's a good start for now! faster done faster on the table and, having fun, causing arguments, causing frustrations, delete as appropriate :-)

2016 a fresh perspective.

The first post of a new year, and a fresh look at my lead mountain.

I thought rather than just hit stuff randomly as I have been doing a plan needs to be drawn up. Last year saw me focus on my Napoleonics predominantly, SYW and WW2 interspersed with a lot of not doing very much. Its not all bad, I finished my US forces for Chain of Command, I may just add a few extra vehicles and specialists when I have tracked them down.

 Well this year that needs to change, the mountain gets taller,

The plan, in no particular order.

Finish 10mm SYW
15mm Sci Fi
Continue 6mm Napoleonics
WW2 28mm German

New projects

These I have had a yearning to do for quite some time, AWI is in deep research as we speak.

Modern middle east
American war of Independance

so that should be enough for now, the Napoleonic's should take plenty of time on its own!