Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Strong start

Well true to the plan I have started on my 15mm Sci Fi.

All GZG and NSL

I started the NAC about a year ago but the scheme didn't sit well and I lost motivation as I struggled to work out a colour palette, the hardest aspect with regards sci fi I find. With that in mind I looked at producing an earthy tone and went with British uniform brown, I will pick out the armour plates with a grey tone.

The NSL are primed and ready for the first coat, I think these will wear a blue grey tone.

And the vehicles for the NAC are underway, I sprayed these with my airbrush using some of the new paint from Ammo, designed and developed for scale models by Mig Jiminez, and very nice they are too, they have a satin sheen which will help with washes and weathering afterwards. (they look glossy due to the flash)

So that's a good start for now! faster done faster on the table and, having fun, causing arguments, causing frustrations, delete as appropriate :-)

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