Sunday, 14 February 2016

busy busy busy

Its been a little while since my last update, but there has been progress, not as much painting as first desired, but there are other things afoot!

Anyway here is where I'm at with the 15mm sci-fi. The NAC were basecoated with a brown, in this instance Vallejo English uniform!

And also hit the NSL with some undercoat, these are much bigger sculpts, and personally I prefer them.

Fired up the airbrush and hit the vehicles I will attach to the NAC, this is a colour from the Ammo range, British green 1944, should look good with a wash and weather to matte is down a little.

And here you can see the whole lot and some Napoleonics, did I say I was busy!!

And here are the first 4, 6 man squads, two blue squads, two yellow, the reason for this is easy ID on the tabletop, they will each be numbered, and I can mix and match the weapons systems for smaller games. And quite honestly with weapons systems becoming more advanced it is starting to negate camouflage even today. think blue force tracker etc.

That brings that up to date!

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