Sunday, 18 March 2018

A splendid day!

So after my earlier post this morning and snow outside with a bitterly cold wind, I decided to dive into the two infantry battalions. My concentration appears to be improving as I have finished all 80 figures!

Pleased with that result! Now I need to keep the momentum!


True to my word another post! and progress!

So here are the finished articles.

                                                                 Ross's Troop RHA
                                        3 Caissons to litter the field or add supply scenarios

1st regt of Portuguese artillery, 1st and 2nd batteries

And a close up of the RHA, lovely figures and fun to paint

Next up a break before the next four batteries and finishing up 2 battalions of the 9th Portuguese line infantry.

Thursday, 15 March 2018

A direction.

So I've had this blog for some time and I have never really engaged with it perhaps quite as I should, I'm not one for writing reams, in fact I tend to struggle in knowing what to say, how to express it and thus sit quietly observing or lurking as the term appears to be. With realisation of the previously mentioned points and starting to emerge from a dark period due to ill health, long story, this is a new direction to attempt to address my shortcomings.

The first of these short comings is to enthuse more about what interests me, and that is tabletop wargaming and scale modelling and hopefully this will inspire me to retain focus, learn more! and hopefully meet some like minded folk in the process. I must also (writing as things hit my mind) attempt to log some game reports, you dear reader will soon notice I lose lots!! frequently trying to assess my opponent and understand what they are like as gamers rather than moving bloody soldiers around! But what is it they say a winner rarely learns anything but a loser always takes a lesson??!!

So my painting table is currently under siege by a vast amount of British and allied 6mm troops for the Peninsula! All Adler miniatures.
I decided after much deliberation that the Peninsula campaign was one that interested me quite a lot, lots of interesting tactics and some quite varied troop types.Not to mention the acquisition of the series of books written by Sir Charles Oman, very detailed works, well worth seaking out. 1810 was the best starting point for me to begin assembling forces, for this I am using the OOB for Bussaco and from there I can add extra units as I fancy painting some up, eventually that will give a pretty damn fine collection!

GO BIG OR GO HOME! is the mantra!

Once this is satisfied I have a huge amount of Russians to crack into and 1812ish will get some attention.

I will cease rambling and leave you with a current WIP picture of;

Ross' Troop RHA
3 caissons
1st regt Portuguese artillery, comprising 2 batteries under Rozierres and Preto respectively.

An edit:

Looking over the last few years of sporadic updates I really have not stayed on point at all! See the blog is working, I feel the shame!

But in some meager way of resolving myself dear reader, I have produced a lot! but I really really need to stay focused on a project!