Sunday, 21 October 2012

OOOOoooo shiney

So I thought I would note this down for prosperity, as mentioned earlier I also model vehicles, well came across a recent release by a company called ICM from the Ukraine, not the best quality but the do produce some interesting vehicles. In question is the Henschel 33 d1 kfz.72, basically a bloody big 6 wheeled truck with an office body on ta back, sadly the office is a shell but hopefully one of the AM companies will produce the interior,such as IBG, expensive but they do two very nice sets for the einheitsdiesel kfz 62.
 Part, a polish company who produce photo etch have come to the rescue re replacing a good proportion of the over sized plastic with metal x 3 sets.............. getting the sweats....... wants it


And it would appear they are also doing the Krupp version


Also from the Ukraine is Masterbox and they are producing this

radio car

so all in all my inner geek for early war radio communications vehicles is taking form.

Oh yes and its birthday and christmas soon hehe.

Friday, 19 October 2012

back from the depths

Well thought I should pop back in....... nearly forgot about this!!

So the last few weeks have been spent painting SYW Prussians, and they are addictive!! I now have 5 units worth painted which equates to 120 figures, and fixed to plasticard, in this process I have discovered that white is to SYW as black is to WW2 german..... bloody everywhere! good fun none the less.

These are all in ten mil too so am quite pleased, piccies when I can get the paint brush out of me hand!

Took a sunday out and checked out the Derby show. The new venue is big and spacious, all on one level, with plenty of room to sashay between traders and games. the lighting could have been a little better, as could have the toilet hygiene. Had a modicum of success on the B&B clearing out some of the great unwanted, so all in all a good day and look forward to next years.