Monday, 31 August 2015

Got wood

My eyes were not upto painting 6mm yesterday so I thought i would satisfy one of those jobs that have been nagging me quietly for some time now and that was to get some scenery produced, so here are my efforts so far...

The buildings are 10mm scale, whilst the woodland will cover both 10mm and 6mm


more later, grass, bushes and other stuff to add yet!

Saturday, 22 August 2015

Busy busy busy

So I have been busy, which is why nothing has been posted for a lil while.

First off, 28mm US infantry, this is about 50% of the way through. These are a mix of Warlord games plastic and metal, I think there may be a small acquisition of some Artizan figures in greatcoat to add some variety.

I have also finally gotten around to mounting my 6mm napoleonics ready for some paint, en mass they look impressive and so many of them, I may be here a while!

Another bunch of Austrians completed, this is the Weid unit, the green cuffs etc really add some contrast to the usual red / white combo.

And finally a curved ball, still in the midst of painting these but you get the gist. Flintloque! I had a large collection of these and then sold them, but recently the guys at the club were enthusing about it and it encouraged me to re invest, ebay is a wonderful tool sometimes. This is the 10 voltiguers from the original boxed set, The orcs are awaiting some attention in the wings.

It has become apparent I really need to start getting the bases textured, I have quite a pile awaiting some love.

Saturday, 1 August 2015

28mm Chain of Command

Taking a break from the Napoleonics I have decided to hit my 28mm US infantry, The best place to start is getting the distracting stuff out of the way. This being a few vehicles I have, 2 half tracks and a jeep, all from Warlord games, and not bad bits of kit, the jeep is resin and white metal, the halftracks are the IM kits, took about 30 minutes each to assemble and then a quick blast with the airbrush followed by various washes and effects using AK Interactive enamel products. The one halftrack has received an application of Mig weathering powders to simulate a heavy build up of mud, jury is out on this one, may wash it off, if anyone is watching and has an opinion, do share!