Saturday, 22 August 2015

Busy busy busy

So I have been busy, which is why nothing has been posted for a lil while.

First off, 28mm US infantry, this is about 50% of the way through. These are a mix of Warlord games plastic and metal, I think there may be a small acquisition of some Artizan figures in greatcoat to add some variety.

I have also finally gotten around to mounting my 6mm napoleonics ready for some paint, en mass they look impressive and so many of them, I may be here a while!

Another bunch of Austrians completed, this is the Weid unit, the green cuffs etc really add some contrast to the usual red / white combo.

And finally a curved ball, still in the midst of painting these but you get the gist. Flintloque! I had a large collection of these and then sold them, but recently the guys at the club were enthusing about it and it encouraged me to re invest, ebay is a wonderful tool sometimes. This is the 10 voltiguers from the original boxed set, The orcs are awaiting some attention in the wings.

It has become apparent I really need to start getting the bases textured, I have quite a pile awaiting some love.

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