Friday, 19 October 2012

back from the depths

Well thought I should pop back in....... nearly forgot about this!!

So the last few weeks have been spent painting SYW Prussians, and they are addictive!! I now have 5 units worth painted which equates to 120 figures, and fixed to plasticard, in this process I have discovered that white is to SYW as black is to WW2 german..... bloody everywhere! good fun none the less.

These are all in ten mil too so am quite pleased, piccies when I can get the paint brush out of me hand!

Took a sunday out and checked out the Derby show. The new venue is big and spacious, all on one level, with plenty of room to sashay between traders and games. the lighting could have been a little better, as could have the toilet hygiene. Had a modicum of success on the B&B clearing out some of the great unwanted, so all in all a good day and look forward to next years.

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