Thursday, 30 August 2012

So a clear out, 15mm WW2, U.S and German late war,
American figure wise there is about enough for two or three 1:1 combat companies including engineers, some have been under coated in black, and German there is one company painted as panzer grenediers, basic field grey and camo smocks,  also a large excess which may probably make best part of a second. Also includes combat engineers.  Amounts to best part of 500 (havn't counted em yet) figures of various manufacturers.

Vehicles are as follows

 3x panther
3x Pz IIIM
3x stug IIIG
1x sdkfz 7
1x Bergepanzer IV
1x 88mm Flak
2x flak 38 2cm quad
2x nebelwerfer
2x schwimmwagen
2x kubelwagen
2x opel blitz office bodies
2x sdkfz 10
1x sdkfz 10/4
1x 234/2 puma
2x 234/3 short 75mm L24 short
2x sdkfz 251/2 81mm mortar
1x sdkfz 16 flammenwerfer
1x sdkfz 251/1
1x sdkfz 251/3 command
1x sdkfz 251/9 75mm L24 short
2x pak 40 75mm AT guns
1x opel maultier

X40 german vehicles

9x  2.5t GMC truck
10x M4 half track
4x  jeep
3x sherman
1x M20 A/C command car
1x White scout car
1x M16 anti aircraft
2x M4 half track 81mm mortar
3x 57mm Anti tank guns

x34 US vehicles

 so there ya go any questions just drop me a line. Open to offers very much around £350. Would be nice to see the collection go to a good home and be used. The proceeds of course will be used to fund other projects of which there are many!!!!

Based in the Midlands, UK

There may also be some scenery at some point, over 3 boxes of buildings :-/

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