Thursday, 30 August 2012

After much thinking and perusing of all things shiney a decision has been reached!!! 10mm for my WW2 wins! Its a space, cost thing....... that and Pendrakens figures are very nice! so lots of things for sale shortly this can then be turned about and re-invested.

The Napoleonics I have in 6mm are also floating my boat at the moment, I guess its down to finally getting some painted, a great motivator........

anyhow some pics...

51st light infantry, The west riding

slightly better angle
Those damned Fr......

Far too many guns!

Currently I have a box of warlord plastic Romans on the go, just the one box to see what they are like, good is my overall opinion, but I think 6mm will win over as it will for 7YW, AWI, ACW etc 28mm is just too large for the level of massed ranks I like.

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