Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Its been a few days since posting, work and ill health take their tolls. But with that said there has been a little movement on the painting front, not a lot but a little, this comprised of completing the red jackets on my 6mm naps, no mean feat. An then to find that I had based em for painting with centre and flank companies intermingled DOH! that will teach me to be more observant....

After much faffing I started on the light battalion which I chose to paint as the 51st West Riding, you can just pick em out with the black shakos.

So they are progressing nicely!

I dug out my 6mm dirtside sci fi, these are GZG Kravak and NSL, am considering using them with stargrunt as 25mm is too large for my tastes, a well positioned squad and the table is locked, hopefully scaling down might enable a more grand tactical game....we shall see.

Now I am still scratching my head as to which scale for WW2..........

What has thrown me is the appearance of Clockwork Goblin, 15mm wierd WW2, German and U.S power armour, combined with Zombies and walkers, now I have been lucky enough to see the masters in the flesh (dont ask!) and they look so much nicer in the flesh so to speak than the 3D cads posted on their site......

I have a good collection of WW2 in 15mm, German an U.S. including scenery, its just seen much better days and has been skimmed and sold off. So needs repainting and gaps filled and other areas expanded.

15mm, huge amounts of Yanks in the lower boxes.

10mm stuff, paints up nice!
My 10mm from Pendraken is rather lovely!!!! nice scale and great for 1:1 combat level with the Panzermarsch ruleset, not to mention full of character, BUT I only have German forces at present.

Still have some stuff to dig out and drop into the painting lists .......... TBC

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