Sunday, 14 February 2016

Second post in one day!

I mentioned in my last post about not getting as many Sci-fi figures painted, well one of the reasons was the receipt of my order from Empress miniatures! And true to form I couldnt resist and spent several days assembling them, I hate seperate head systems, especially when the' neck plug' is too large for the seat or socket PITA when its white metal.

But that little gripe aside they are beautiful miniatures,

 The Humvees will require some extra detail to give a better impression of having the HaRD kit fitted as it looks a little weird with an O-GPK turret with a SAG shield on an unarmoured Humvee, but nothing a little plasticard wont solve.

Once assembled they were undercoated, settled on black, maybe should have gone with white in retrospect.

The terrible photo above shows my US marine/infantry platoon, there are a few extras like sniper and heavy weapons specialists so that I can change out mission/scenario specific.

And here is the first four figures with the basic colours and the ACU camo, commonly referred to as digital camo. I have researched this a bit this week and it appears to be universally unpopular due to its one camo fits all but is suitable for actually no environment ever!! It would appear the US military are coveting the British scheme, how the worm turns (the Brits loved the US ww2 uniform).

Once a wash has been applied it should tone down the greyness, and then I can complete the rest of the figures.
The Freedom fighters/ insurgents delete as appropriate! have some heavy weapons in the form of a ZU 23-2 (the ZU 23-4 being mounted on armour and formed the shilka, devastating weapon) one of which mountedThe models have been sprayed with a brown shade, now I am going to use some chipping solution and different colours for some panels on the pick up to simulate rust and replaced parts, should look the business when finished!


  1. Personally I love separate head systems as they need much less work to get right than sawing off heads and swapping them between miniatures. That said, I get your point and am definitely looking forward to see your finished models.

  2. Thanks Moiterei, I agree with your comments, certainly easier in that aspect! Just a moment longer by the sculptor and they would be perfect, I did consider drilling the socket but that would have obliterated too much lovely detail.