Wednesday, 1 August 2012

I guess an intro

So after many unsuccessful starts at re igniting my wargaming projects I thought this may be a good avenue to try.
 The theory being I can keep in touch with like minded gamers and share idea's, enthusiasms etc

So projects at present

Napoleonic naval
Napoleonic 6mm
Napoleonic 28mm skirmish
WW2 10mm and 15mm need to decide on a direction???!!!!!
Sci -fi 25mm and 6mm, looking to trade my 25's and pick up some 15's

And that is it for the moment......

Also quite a lot of scale modelling, 1/72 and 1/35th usually immensely complex builds, that absorb far too much time........ I'm sure this will be interspersed betwix the figures.


  1. Welcome to the world of wargames blogging, its a great way to keep projects up to speed when you start waning.Its also like having an ever changing wargames magazine to read when ever you want to. As for your WWII id go for 10mm or even better 6mm :-)

    Are you putting up a follower button? so fellow Bloggers can read your progress?


  2. Hi Jason

    Many thanks for the mail, I hope you don't mind me randomly adding/following your blog, great projects and nicely executed.... painting etc.
    I thought this may help me with the waning hehe as I at the moment do not attend any clubs, busy work and small child.

    The follower button? how and where do I get one, still trying to find my way around the minefield that is..........


  3. Hi Vlad no probs with you following my Blog. Thanks for doing so, the more the merrier. Yep Blogging helps when the joys of busy work and small children come calling :-)


  4. Welcome to our slightly crazy world. Blogging is a great way to keep yourself going on the painting front, but beware the perils of the "tyranny of the blogosphere" - sometimes having a blog does make you feel the need to paint and post even when you really don't want to. Ignore that feeling and paint and post when you want to.

    That's a lot of projects you've got on the go - looking forward to seeing them progress to completion.

    1. ps - also somewhat a goth, although more of a punk :)

    2. Hey Tamsin

      Your not wrong about projects lol, I have this ability to start something and then become distracted, it usually swaps between wargaming and scale modelling, the point of the blog is to try and keep myself a little more focused and get something finished for once :-/.
      Far better than I used to be though, had a break from gaming, had a HUGE clearout, and now recently lamenting some of those losses as I have recently got the bug again....... always the way eh.

      As to music you have good tastes, I was into punk first and then settled into goth, but tastes are huge, industrial, EBM, punk, new wave etc etc etc