Monday, 29 February 2016

A new venture. Hardline Miniatures

I have been toying with the idea of producing a range of items that seem to be missing from inventories for some time, these are items I want on my table top! And hope others do too!

These are the first off, breastwork defences for 10/12mm scale miniatures, suitable for so many periods through history right upto WW2. There are 5 items in the range so far, two corners, one turning forwards and one back, then there is one plain straight infantry defence and two different artillery defences, one single cannon and the second can accommodate two artillery pieces.

Cast in high quality resin that captures a high level of detail.

I will get some pieces painted up at the earliest opportunity.

Currently looking at some form of website presence, so if anyone out there in blogger land has any suggestions, I'm open to ideas!
And if anyone is interested in buying some of these fine defence works please drop me a line,

UK based and happy to ship worldwide at buyers expense of course, all sales will be via Paypal.

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