Thursday, 31 December 2015

Shelf queen

This 1/35th kit has been languishing in my collection for about 14 years, it was virtually finished but I lacked the interest to finish it. Then the modelling forum I am active on decided to hold a shelf queen group build. Having as little time and trying to clear some space in my hobby room this was a fitting candidate, so a few hours was spent repairing the damage and finishing off the last few additions. This is the Academy M12 GMC 155mm, its been detailed with Eduard etch and value gear stowage, with some extra bits from the spares box.
Paint was Lifecolor, best stuff for authentic colours (well I think so) and weathered with AK Interactive weathering washes and effects, and Mig pigments.
Completede as a vehicle stationed somewhere near Aachen, Germany 1944.


  1. Great looking model...and impressive!

    1. Thanks Phil, appreciate the kind words.