Monday, 29 June 2015

Dead Mans Hand

Last night was club night, we had decided to play Dead Mans Hand, a very quick, fun and light hearted western skirmish game.

The scenario developed into a native american attack on a small town, ransacking and putting buildings to the torch with the ultimate goal of raiding the gunsmith.

The natives started the ball rolling by filling up on fire water and setting the saloon afire, swiftly moving to the telegraph office.
It was at this point the marshals (me and Dave (the owner of the beautiful collection) woke up to the fact the town was under attack, all civilians had disappeared! Great!

The minutia of the ensuing chaos eludes me now having slept, but suffice to say the natives massacred all of the law bringers, without firing a single shot!!!! Close combat is deadly!! very deadly, especially on the wrong end of a tomahawk!!

I will leave some pictures post the massacre, not the best as I forgot my camera battery so these are from my phone.

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