Friday 20 April 2018

Shiny website

Apologies for the lack of posts of late, I have not forgotten, I seem to be in a small whirlwind of setting up Hardline Miniatures tasks, a list that seems to grow, each task producing 2 others!

One of the biggest hurdles for me was getting some web space together, everything so far has been on a shoestring! and having no capital to speak of a website was causing some consternation. But through some very knowledgeable contacts I found Wix!

So I present my website 😁

hardline miniatures

Still very much a work in progress that will expand over time I'm sure!

Go take a look, let me know any feedback, drop me some figures to paint!!

Friday 6 April 2018

A new journey begins

After much consideration I have decided to take the plunge and begin offering my services as a wargames miniatures painter. It's been quite a journey and a fair transition to get to here. I have retained the company name I set upon a few years back that of Hardline Miniatures, this was created after my love of 18th and 19th century warfare. The hard firing lines must have taken so much courage to stand and endure. I initially set about creating products in resin but due to poor health and a lack of workshop space I was unable to maintain this aspect....... at the moment! Going forward it is something I will pick back up as there are a lot of items I would like to produce.

Like a phoenix rising Hardline Miniatures is now up and running and my books are open for work, so if you or anyone you know would like help working through that lead mountain feel free to drop me a line!
I am currently running off a Facebook page until I can secure some form of web presence.

Tuesday 3 April 2018

French Indian War

I was treated quite generously to a bunch of Blue moon miniatures for Xmas, this is always a period I have found intriguing, so much of interest going on with the birth of a new nation and Last of the Mohicans is up there as one of my favourite films, who doesn't love a boys own adventure! Thus lots of material for scenarios and exciting tabletop derring do!

And to facilitate this Sharp Practice II! a fast fun set of rules that generate a hollywoodesq cinematic experience (oooo la de da) with a touch of the carry on films! In all seriousness they are fun, if you've not tried them, rectify that as soon as!

With that said I decided to take a short break from 6mm (the eyes need a rest sometimes) and stepped up to paint some FIW forces for SPII. I started with some English and opted for the 45th Foot, a nice contrast with red coat and the green facings. Altogether there are 3 groups of 8 and various officers, foot and mounted to discern the status level, I think levels 1 and 2 will be foot and 3+ will be mounted, also are a drummer and standard, with surveying officer for some support points.

My next batch was for some Provincial troops, these are painted to represent the Massachusetts Regt, quite well armed and supplied as provided for by the crown. Here we have 2 groups of 8 and various officers, these will all be lower level status to represent their level of professionalism. Again a drummer and standards for support. The various officers will be good for mixing in with various militia dependent on scenario.

Next on the bench some French line.

Sunday 18 March 2018

A splendid day!

So after my earlier post this morning and snow outside with a bitterly cold wind, I decided to dive into the two infantry battalions. My concentration appears to be improving as I have finished all 80 figures!

Pleased with that result! Now I need to keep the momentum!


True to my word another post! and progress!

So here are the finished articles.

                                                                 Ross's Troop RHA
                                        3 Caissons to litter the field or add supply scenarios

1st regt of Portuguese artillery, 1st and 2nd batteries

And a close up of the RHA, lovely figures and fun to paint

Next up a break before the next four batteries and finishing up 2 battalions of the 9th Portuguese line infantry.

Thursday 15 March 2018

A direction.

So I've had this blog for some time and I have never really engaged with it perhaps quite as I should, I'm not one for writing reams, in fact I tend to struggle in knowing what to say, how to express it and thus sit quietly observing or lurking as the term appears to be. With realisation of the previously mentioned points and starting to emerge from a dark period due to ill health, long story, this is a new direction to attempt to address my shortcomings.

The first of these short comings is to enthuse more about what interests me, and that is tabletop wargaming and scale modelling and hopefully this will inspire me to retain focus, learn more! and hopefully meet some like minded folk in the process. I must also (writing as things hit my mind) attempt to log some game reports, you dear reader will soon notice I lose lots!! frequently trying to assess my opponent and understand what they are like as gamers rather than moving bloody soldiers around! But what is it they say a winner rarely learns anything but a loser always takes a lesson??!!

So my painting table is currently under siege by a vast amount of British and allied 6mm troops for the Peninsula! All Adler miniatures.
I decided after much deliberation that the Peninsula campaign was one that interested me quite a lot, lots of interesting tactics and some quite varied troop types.Not to mention the acquisition of the series of books written by Sir Charles Oman, very detailed works, well worth seaking out. 1810 was the best starting point for me to begin assembling forces, for this I am using the OOB for Bussaco and from there I can add extra units as I fancy painting some up, eventually that will give a pretty damn fine collection!

GO BIG OR GO HOME! is the mantra!

Once this is satisfied I have a huge amount of Russians to crack into and 1812ish will get some attention.

I will cease rambling and leave you with a current WIP picture of;

Ross' Troop RHA
3 caissons
1st regt Portuguese artillery, comprising 2 batteries under Rozierres and Preto respectively.

An edit:

Looking over the last few years of sporadic updates I really have not stayed on point at all! See the blog is working, I feel the shame!

But in some meager way of resolving myself dear reader, I have produced a lot! but I really really need to stay focused on a project!

Saturday 30 December 2017

Keep forgetting I have this!


Must try harder!

Thursday 3 March 2016

Sale link

Anyone looking to buy a set of earthworks, or breastworks here is a link to my EBay sale page.

Buy me

Now to crack on with the next batch of goodies.

Wednesday 2 March 2016

And the wheels rumble

So I have created a Facebook page for Hardline Miniatures, if you have a need for 10mm scale products I'm hoping this will be your one stop shop!

Still ironing out the creases, but we are getting there, demands on one person to start from the ground up are challenging to say the least!

At some point I hope to expand into other scales, lets see how demand takes.


So come give me some love and share with friends

Monday 29 February 2016

A new venture. Hardline Miniatures

I have been toying with the idea of producing a range of items that seem to be missing from inventories for some time, these are items I want on my table top! And hope others do too!

These are the first off, breastwork defences for 10/12mm scale miniatures, suitable for so many periods through history right upto WW2. There are 5 items in the range so far, two corners, one turning forwards and one back, then there is one plain straight infantry defence and two different artillery defences, one single cannon and the second can accommodate two artillery pieces.

Cast in high quality resin that captures a high level of detail.

I will get some pieces painted up at the earliest opportunity.

Currently looking at some form of website presence, so if anyone out there in blogger land has any suggestions, I'm open to ideas!
And if anyone is interested in buying some of these fine defence works please drop me a line,

UK based and happy to ship worldwide at buyers expense of course, all sales will be via Paypal.

The British are coming

I decided to add some colour to my palette, blues and browns were starting to bore. So I got stuck into my first Regt of British infantry. 37th Foot, Pendraken figures and a real joy to paint. I'm working on a 1:10 ratio so the units look like units! and it will allow for smaller regt's that would not otherwise get a look in.

And then I was persuaded to enter the Pendraken painting competition, so these are the two images I have submitted, today is the last day of entry, we wait and see now!
My first time entering anything like this, I don't expect to rank at all as the painting talent is high.

Sunday 21 February 2016

Its technical

Makes a change from 'its complicated'

So we have a Taliban technical, or if your from the north west of England it could be a 'scallyvan', either way its in need of a little 'T'cut treatment on the body work!

I laid down some of the AK interactive chipping solution, then airbrushed white, and quickly masked the bonnet and door and hit it with the respective colours, when this had dried sufficiently I went at it with a wet brush and worked it until the top coat lifted revealing the rusty shade of brown beneath. Details followed and then a wash of light rust, finished off with a light dusty wash to bed it all in!

Pleased with this!


Sunday 14 February 2016

Second post in one day!

I mentioned in my last post about not getting as many Sci-fi figures painted, well one of the reasons was the receipt of my order from Empress miniatures! And true to form I couldnt resist and spent several days assembling them, I hate seperate head systems, especially when the' neck plug' is too large for the seat or socket PITA when its white metal.

But that little gripe aside they are beautiful miniatures,

 The Humvees will require some extra detail to give a better impression of having the HaRD kit fitted as it looks a little weird with an O-GPK turret with a SAG shield on an unarmoured Humvee, but nothing a little plasticard wont solve.

Once assembled they were undercoated, settled on black, maybe should have gone with white in retrospect.

The terrible photo above shows my US marine/infantry platoon, there are a few extras like sniper and heavy weapons specialists so that I can change out mission/scenario specific.

And here is the first four figures with the basic colours and the ACU camo, commonly referred to as digital camo. I have researched this a bit this week and it appears to be universally unpopular due to its one camo fits all but is suitable for actually no environment ever!! It would appear the US military are coveting the British scheme, how the worm turns (the Brits loved the US ww2 uniform).

Once a wash has been applied it should tone down the greyness, and then I can complete the rest of the figures.
The Freedom fighters/ insurgents delete as appropriate! have some heavy weapons in the form of a ZU 23-2 (the ZU 23-4 being mounted on armour and formed the shilka, devastating weapon) one of which mountedThe models have been sprayed with a brown shade, now I am going to use some chipping solution and different colours for some panels on the pick up to simulate rust and replaced parts, should look the business when finished!

busy busy busy

Its been a little while since my last update, but there has been progress, not as much painting as first desired, but there are other things afoot!

Anyway here is where I'm at with the 15mm sci-fi. The NAC were basecoated with a brown, in this instance Vallejo English uniform!

And also hit the NSL with some undercoat, these are much bigger sculpts, and personally I prefer them.

Fired up the airbrush and hit the vehicles I will attach to the NAC, this is a colour from the Ammo range, British green 1944, should look good with a wash and weather to matte is down a little.

And here you can see the whole lot and some Napoleonics, did I say I was busy!!

And here are the first 4, 6 man squads, two blue squads, two yellow, the reason for this is easy ID on the tabletop, they will each be numbered, and I can mix and match the weapons systems for smaller games. And quite honestly with weapons systems becoming more advanced it is starting to negate camouflage even today. think blue force tracker etc.

That brings that up to date!

Wednesday 27 January 2016

Strong start

Well true to the plan I have started on my 15mm Sci Fi.

All GZG and NSL

I started the NAC about a year ago but the scheme didn't sit well and I lost motivation as I struggled to work out a colour palette, the hardest aspect with regards sci fi I find. With that in mind I looked at producing an earthy tone and went with British uniform brown, I will pick out the armour plates with a grey tone.

The NSL are primed and ready for the first coat, I think these will wear a blue grey tone.

And the vehicles for the NAC are underway, I sprayed these with my airbrush using some of the new paint from Ammo, designed and developed for scale models by Mig Jiminez, and very nice they are too, they have a satin sheen which will help with washes and weathering afterwards. (they look glossy due to the flash)

So that's a good start for now! faster done faster on the table and, having fun, causing arguments, causing frustrations, delete as appropriate :-)

2016 a fresh perspective.

The first post of a new year, and a fresh look at my lead mountain.

I thought rather than just hit stuff randomly as I have been doing a plan needs to be drawn up. Last year saw me focus on my Napoleonics predominantly, SYW and WW2 interspersed with a lot of not doing very much. Its not all bad, I finished my US forces for Chain of Command, I may just add a few extra vehicles and specialists when I have tracked them down.

 Well this year that needs to change, the mountain gets taller,

The plan, in no particular order.

Finish 10mm SYW
15mm Sci Fi
Continue 6mm Napoleonics
WW2 28mm German

New projects

These I have had a yearning to do for quite some time, AWI is in deep research as we speak.

Modern middle east
American war of Independance

so that should be enough for now, the Napoleonic's should take plenty of time on its own!

Thursday 31 December 2015

Shelf queen

This 1/35th kit has been languishing in my collection for about 14 years, it was virtually finished but I lacked the interest to finish it. Then the modelling forum I am active on decided to hold a shelf queen group build. Having as little time and trying to clear some space in my hobby room this was a fitting candidate, so a few hours was spent repairing the damage and finishing off the last few additions. This is the Academy M12 GMC 155mm, its been detailed with Eduard etch and value gear stowage, with some extra bits from the spares box.
Paint was Lifecolor, best stuff for authentic colours (well I think so) and weathered with AK Interactive weathering washes and effects, and Mig pigments.
Completede as a vehicle stationed somewhere near Aachen, Germany 1944.

Tuesday 15 December 2015


Not quite sure where I'm going with this blog, very few views and even less comments. Am I doing something wrong, how can it be made more inspiring???? should I continue? or wrap it up and spend more time painting!?

This is now the paradox, is it going to get seen and maybe get commented on....... now where's the laughing emoticon !!!!

With that said there are some excellent blogs that are very inspirational!

My library received a boost this week, four new books on the Napoleonics!

Monday 7 December 2015

No Money! No Swiss! more Napoleonics

Another day another update, this may be a record!

So another infantry regiment, this time the 3rd Swiss, mercenaries the lot of em! They had the privilege of fighting both on the Peninsular and also into Russia, so this fits into my overall collection nicely as I'm hoping to cover Leipzig too. This should at this scale just require changing the elite companies due to the distinctive headgear amendments.

Sunday 6 December 2015

Painting rather than posting

My time has been spent painting furiously of late, so please excuse the lack of updates.

That painting has predominantly been concerned with Napoleonics. Hammering through the Artillery, First full regiment completed and some caissons for good measure.

More to come........